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WoW Rookie: Collective wisdom


New around here? WoW Rookie has your back! Get all our collected tips, tricks and tactics for new players in the WoW Rookie Guide.

Let's face it: Crowdsourcing is king. Every company that beta tests its products (hello, Cataclysm!) knows the benefits of having hundreds, thousands or even millions of creative (and not-so-creative) minds plinking away at its features. If we put our heads together ...

Today's WoW Rookie rounds up recent posts at that spawned info-rich comments ready to mined by us newbies. Before we dive in, though, I'd like to remind everyone (even you old hands out there who happen to be reading along) to keep sending in your favorite pointers for new players -- things it took you months to realize when you first started playing, things you wish you'd known back in the day. Send 'em in to, and we'll run one every week in WoW Rookie.

One more piece of business: Got a question or wondering about something in WoW that has you stumped? WoW Rookie is opening a mailbag section especially for new and leveling players. Send in your questions to

Now, with thanks and much love to our prolific Breakfast Topic commenters, let us unleash the wisdom of the masses!

The best class choice for new players
Now that I've seen first hand how easily a new player was able to learn to play a paladin and how quickly she got comfortable with it, I would personally recommend it as the default starter class for any new players. Now I ask you: What do you think is the easiest class for a new player to start and why?
Tank anxiety and tanking tips for beginners
Sometimes, people are not as kind or cooperative as I would like. As a tank, I need to learn how to harden myself against the criticism from others (or else learn to live with the nervous tic that I am convinced is developing). That has been the biggest obstacle to overcoming my tanking anxiety.
All those little things you wish you'd known
Recently I have begun to realize that there are many people just like me who let the simplest nuances of the game escape them for some reason or another. What things are you embarrassed to admit that you didn't know until you were well entrenched in the game? Don't worry, we'll never tell (wink, wink).
Addons for priest healers
This week's Addon Spotlight is an amalgamation of some awesome healing priest addons that can hopefully help out all you aspiring holy and discipline priests.

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Reader tip of the week

Psst. Help a rookie brother or sister out; send us your hard-earned wisdom at

From Salerina of Exodar:
Make sure to have Projected Textures turned on! [Hit Escape > Video > Effects, then look at the bottom and make sure the Projected Textures box is checked.] Many players turn it off to improve performance, but leave it on! It lets you see important things on the ground like fire, Death and Decay and all sorts of bad stuff you have to stay away from in order to stay alive.

Visit the WoW Rookie Guide for links to everything you need to get started as a new player, from game lingo for the beginner, to joining your first guild as a mid-level player, all the way up through what to do when you finally hit level 80. Got questions to ask or tips to share? Email

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