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Team Fortress 2 update adds item trading, new game mode next month

If you thought Valve was going to cash out its stock in Team Fortress 2 after releasing an update for the game's ninth and final class, then you thought wrong. Speaking to PC Gamer, Valve's Robin Walker revealed that a mess of new content would be added to the game in yet another free update next month. Of course, after feeding "next month" through our inscrutable Valve Time Converter, that time period actually ranges between September 2010 and April 2035.

These updates will add around 20 items and weapons to the game, all of which come from the user-created Polycount contest winners. Unlike other community items, these will be playtested and balanced, and will have stats on par with Valve's equipment. Players will be also be able to trade items when the update goes live, one of the shooter's most oft-requested features. Also, a new game mode will be included in the update, though Walker remained mum on the particulars of this new gametype. Given our wide collection of beautiful hats, we're really hoping it's some sort of fashion show.

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