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Cataclysm Beta: Relics changed to carry stats and sockets

Zach Yonzon

Some relics -- sigils, idols, librams, and totems -- were unearthed in the latest beta patch that work in a fundamentally different way from how relics work currently in the game. They are now stat items with sockets. Currently, relics are non-stat items that confer a special effect specific to a common ability used by a particular spec, such as the restoration druid's Idol of the Black Willow, which only affects Rejuvenation. While unique and creative, relics weren't always optimal and proved difficult to balance.

The change makes relics more like other items that fit in ranged slots except that they remain class-specific, with stats tailored to a particular spec. This should be a welcome change for many players who play hybrid classes and found it difficult or constraining to use ability-specific relics. A list of the relics for death knights, druids, paladins and shaman found in the latest beta can be found on MMO Champion.

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