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Cricket hires goats to eat blackberries (video)

Sean Hollister

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Yes, you did read that headline right, but it's not quite what you think -- rather than a children's tale of talking crickets and cell phone-eating goats, we're talking about clearing brambles covered with tiny black fruit at the cell towers of Cricket Wireless. The carrier hired a herd of goats to munch away at some troublesome growth at Oregon transceivers just last week, in a trial for a potential contract that could fill goat bellies at dozens of blocked base stations and save thousands of dollars for the company. "I'd rather have my operations team keeping our customers' Blackberries in perfect working order so we've hired the goats to take care of the other blackberries at our cell sites," Cricket's Keith Casey told OregonLive, using a variation on the pun that's no doubt been thrown around Cricket offices for months.

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