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HTC EVO 4G suffering new calendar bug, cracked shells, broken dreams?

Chris Ziegler

It wouldn't be the first time the EVO's been dinged for a manufacturing defect, but it seems that at least a few owners are reporting cracks near the power button. Fortunately, these cracks seem to be purely cosmetic without any effect on feel or any real danger of the case falling apart -- and seeing how other high-profile devices have suffered similar fates, we can certainly buy that there are high-stress points in the phone's case where this is prone to happen. We'll wait a moment to continue the story while you pull your EVO out of your pocket and check yours.

Alright, now that we have you back, the second issue is purely software -- and arguably quite a bit more troublesome than a tiny, harmless crack. Apparently, the recent Android 2.2 upgrade has introduced a bug whereby event descriptions are being overwritten by their locations when you open them, which basically means this is a legit data loss problem. No ETA yet on a fix, but considering that it's been filed and verified in Android's official tracking system, we're hopeful it's going to get patched up sooner rather than later.

[Thanks, Lee H. and Andrew]

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