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iPhone 4 pre-orders about to begin in South Korea


The iPhone 3G sold tremendously well in South Korea, and now distributor KT Corporation is hoping the latest model will do the same when pre-orders begin on Wednesday. "We hope the iPhone 4 will draw a hot response from clients as the iPhone 3 did," a KT Corp. rep said on Monday, noting that the iPhone 4 should be available in South Korea in September.

When iPhone 3G pre-sales began in South Korea, KT Corp. received approximately 65,000 pre-orders. On the day of release, customers had been lined up as early as 26 hours in advance and were rewarded with balloons and a live band.

Apple has sold more than 850,000 iPhones in South Korea since the 3GS went on sale in November of '09. Above is a television ad that ran prior to the iPhone 3G's release.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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