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Square Enix has Gun Loco for Xbox 360


Square Enix has officially revealed what its "Gun Loco" trademark is about. Stay with us, here: it's an Xbox 360 game, due next year, about a planet full of brutally insane (or "loco," if you will) criminals, okay? And they have firearms.

Gun Loco is set on a prison planet (which, for some reason, has Earth-like ruins throughout) where the universe's worst criminals are left unsupervised. The prisoners have created different factions, and are locked in constant warfare. In game terms, this setup translates to a shooter for up to 12 players, set in seven different climate zones and several different maps.

Artist and toy designer Kenny Wong is behind the look of the game, with characters literally based on action figures. Each character was created by hand as a toy, then digitally imported into the game. That's game design loco.

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