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Twelve South joins the fray of high-end iPad cases


Twelve South got our attention in January with the beautiful BookBook case for the MacBook Pro. Now they've done it again by offering a BookBook case for the iPad.

The BookBook case resembles a vintage leather bound book with a hard cover and bookmark ribbon. It's a real standout among the huge pile of cases and sleeves that have sprung up around the iPad. Besides its good looks, there's one clever feature that makes the BookBook case interesting.

Inside the case's front cover is a short string. With the case half open, you can pull that string around the underside and attaching it to a button on the opposite side, creating a clever stand.The interior is lined with soft material and will hold your iPad firmly in place.

Each one is stitched by hand, so have patience after ordering and bring your wallet -- they sell for US$69.99. It's pricey but beautiful. Let us know if you pick one up.

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