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David Beckham joins the EA Sports Active 2 'team'


A torn Achilles tendon might have kept David Beckham out of the World Cup, but he's still fit enough to start playing for the EA Sports Active 2 team. Peter Moore announced the soccer superstar's signing during EA's Gamescom press conference today, as the first of what should be several promotional spots of an active Beckham aired on a big screen behind the executive.

Beckham will be on loan to EA in a "brand ambassador" capacity, which is to say his handsome mug will be plastered all over EA Sports Active 2 marketing materials across Europe and Australia; though it seems he will not appear in the US advertising campaign, despite being a "part time player" for the Los Angeles Galaxy. It also seems that he won't appear in the actual game -- too bad, since we've always wanted to learn how to bend like Beckham from the man himself.

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