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Fable 3 Gamescom screens are fit for a king

We've got to hand it to Lionhead -- those guys sure know how to put together a compelling cross-section of their game using just a handful of still images. Take, for instance, the Fable 3 screenshots posted in the gallery below. Therein, you'll witness:
  • A dude with a giant hammer
  • A bunch of skeletons who are about to be shot with a pretty, pretty gun
  • A Napoleonic lookalike who's wielding offensive magic
  • What appears to be an exploding train engine
  • So, so many fancy articles of clothing
Check out the ten new screens below as you try to decide exactly what type of frock coat your royal protagonist will sport. We're thinking of going with a high-waisted, double-breasted robin's egg blue frock coat with white trim and gold buttons. Something subtle yet elegant, you know?

Gallery: Fable 3 (Gamescom 2010) | 10 Photos

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