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Found Footage: Sony attacks iPhone gaming in new PSP ad


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Well, when you get big enough, there's a target painted on your back. Sony has gone after the iPhone and the App Store in a new ad for their PSP gaming system. As you can see above, the ad comes from the "Marcus PSP" series (starring 30 Rock's hilarious Bobb'e J. Thompson as an advice-giving kid), and calls out iPhone gamers for not playing "big boy games." The ad then shows games like Twisted Metal: Head-On and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee, bragging that they are all available for $9.99 (though the small text confirms that they are $9.99 each, not together).

Very interesting. Truth be told, the ad is kind of weak -- it doesn't tell you to not own an iPhone, just that phones are better meant for texting and calling. But the biggest attack point here is that iPhone game developers are amateurs compared to Sony's stable, with a Doodle-esque "Game Castle" going up against high profile franchises. Nintendo has pretty much ignored iPhone gaming in the past, admitting that Apple is an eventual enemy, but generally staying unconcerned about the App Store, even as its share of handheld gaming grows. But this is the first time a competitor has publicly acknowledged the competition to consumers, and given Sony's rough history with the PSP lately, it looks a lot like a guppy trying to bite a shark.

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