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Kindle, iPad, and paper examined microscopically


The above image is a picture of the iPad's screen, multiplied by 24 times over. Keith Peters at Bit-101 used his new USB microscope to examine a few different e-reader displays up really close, and the results are definitely a fun read. The iPad doesn't do too well, actually -- I think the Kindle looks much cleaner, although there's some debate about that in the comments, so each to his own. At any rate, it's cool to see how these displays "work" -- the actual pixels going into the picture that our eyes just collate into full text. The 400x newspaper, book, and magazine closeups are very interesting as well. With all of the digital display talk going around, you tend to forget what those displays are actually trying to recreate, which is really very organic smears on a thin fabric.

Unfortunately, Keith didn't get his hands on the Retina Display, and you'd assume that's a game changer. With four times the pixels seen in the image above, the iPhone 4's display probably gives the Kindle a nice challenge, and might even start competing with the actual paper printing. Still, until that display makes its way to the tablet, this is the best we've got for now.

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