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Kingdom Under Fire II releases multiplayer PvE trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

The last time we heard from Kingdom Under Fire II, it was two years ago and we knew virtually nothing beyond the game's mission statement. Promising a fusion of real-time strategy, action, and MMO gameplay, it seemed like a promising entry, but it seems to have languished in development for quite some time. The developers at Blueside have been working behind the scenes, however, and they've put forth a trailer and a collection of screenshots showcasing the online multiplayer component.

Aside from featuring the time-honored tradition of elven women wearing virtually nothing as armor, there's very little to fault in the trailer -- combat seems dynamic, responsive, and undeniably gorgeous. Although there's no mention of a release date, the beta test is planned for late this year. Take a look at the trailer beneath the cut, and keep your eyes peeled for more news from Kingdom Under Fire II -- hopefully not with a two-year turnaround this time.

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