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New LEGO Universe trailer: "Bring your world to life" [Updated]

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The newest trailer from the team at LEGO Universe gives a closer look at what most players consider to be the core of the game: building and customization.

Developers Ryan Seabury, Mads Purup, Randall Furino, and Scott Brown lead us through the different building models that offer varying amounts of freedom and creativity, along with some interesting LEGO twists on character customization. Among other things, the game allows you to decide how you want to die. Do you want to fall apart into a pile of LEGO bricks, or something else?

Want to see all the options for yourself? Follow along after the jump for the newest look at LEGO Universe!

[Editor's note: At the request of NetDevil, we've replaced the European version of the trailer with the US version. Enjoy!]

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