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Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure coming to uDraw on Wii

Justin McElroy

Rather than a once-off gimmick, THQ's trying to make the launch of its uDraw Wii drawing peripheral seem almost like a miniature console launch. Those who grab the tablet this holiday will also have the option of picking up launch games Pictionary and Dood's Big Adventure.

In the latter, you'll play through 60 levels as a "Dood" of your own creation in "a world where coloring books come to life." There seems to be a definite Drawn to Life influence (also published by THQ!), with players creating much of said world with their own doodles.

In Pictionary, you'll lead a team of space soldiers as they venture to the barren, post-apocalyptic planet of Pictionaria where a wayward prison transport has just crash landed. Sgt. John Hawk and his crew are ready to recapture the vicious convicts, but are they prepared for the bug-like but also robot-like Insectagons that would die to protect their home world?

... No, no, it's Pictionary.

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