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Diablo 3 adds Artisans to craft items for you


In Diablo 2, you had the assistance of a mystical Horadric Cube to alchemize new items. In Diablo 3, adventurers have the much simpler option to just ask some guy to make you stuff. As revealed today at Gamescom, your character can meet and befriend Artisans, including a blacksmith, mystic and jeweler, who will then follow you around the world of Sanctuary, making new items from raw materials you extract from unwanted loot.

The blacksmith makes weapons and armor, of course, and can add sockets to items when possible. The mystic enchants items and creates magical implements like scrolls, potions, runes and charms. The jeweler creates gems, amulets and rings, and can also combine existing gems and remove socketed gems. Each artisan has a quest line and backstory and has skills that can be upgraded by the player.

A Blizzard game with crafting? It'll never work.

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