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The Empire Strikes Back at PlayStation Home with new avatar items, bundles


Tomorrow, PlayStation Home enthusiasts will be able to pick up some Empire Strikes Back gear for their virtual pad. Pictured above are the upcoming items, available as part of the 30th celebration of Episode V in the Star Wars saga. The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field may be 3,720 to 1, but the odds your pad will look totally badass with a carbonite Han Solo hanging on the wall? Definite.

Coincidentally, LucasArts will also release two PlayStation Home bundles tomorrow. The "Everything Empire Strikes Back Bundle" includes everything related to the movie released in PlayStation Home so far for $24.99 -- a total of 51 items. Then there's the "All Furniture Items Bundle," a specific collection of ten specific Empire Strikes Back items for $9.99.

Oh, and if you find yourself in PlayStation Home today, stop on by the LucasArts shop for a free "Yoda Ears" cap. Today's the last day you can snag one!

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