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Jagged Alliance returning as an MMO

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Gamigo and bitComposer Games announced today that they'll be working together to bring the classic title Jagged Alliance into the world of MMOs.

Jagged Alliance Online will be a browser-based MMO, and should hold a familiar feel to those who know the game. The developers will be "keeping a popular mixture of tactics, strategy, role-play and management and transferring it to a modern MMO world," according to Gamigo's press release. Players will train and equip mercenaries, form alliances with others, accept timed mission arcs, and more within the game. The official JAO site is in German, and the developers have established a Facebook page as well so English-speaking players can keep up on the game's progression.

Jagged Alliance Online is set for launch in 2011.

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