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Pogoplug Wireless Adapter enables cord-free access, comes free to existing owners

Darren Murph

Oftentimes in this business, loyal customers simply get left in the dust when the latest and greatest hits the scene. Not so with Pogoplug, which just busted out an impossible-to-resist new offer concerning an impossible-to-resist new device. The simply titled Pogoplug Wireless Adapter is a USB dongle that plays nice with 802.11b/g/n networks, and for all intents and purposes, finally lets you place your Pogoplug somewhere other than next door to your router. Just plug this guy in, and your Pogoplug is instantly WiFi-enabled. The device is available for pre-order now at $29 (ships in "3 to 4 weeks"), but in a glaring act of awesomeness, the company's handing 'em out for free to existing Pogoplug owners. Details of the offer are parked in the source link, and if you're looking to buy in for the first time, the Pogoplug unit itself has been reduced $30 to just $99. Try beating that with a stick... we dare you.

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