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Portal 2 will triumph on Feb. 9, 2011

Justin McElroy

OK, maybe that's not fair, since we don't necessarily know it will triumph when, according to Game Informer, Portal 2 arrives on February 9 next year. But let's say we think there's a strong possibility ... let's say very, very strong. Oh, who are we kidding? We're certain it's wonderful and if you say otherwise, we'll fight you like we're a lonely kid on a Sonic forum defending Amy Rose's honor.

We also learned from GI that Stephen Merchant will play kindly British robot Wheatley, so we're going to have to start viciously defending him as well. Of course, with credits like co-creating The Office and Extras, it shouldn't be that hard. [Update: As near as we can tell, Merchant's voice isn't in use here, so this must have been a fairly recent decision.]

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