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PS3 Mass Effect 2 to have 'seamless introduction,' integrates 'a lot' of DLC


BioWare CEO Ray Muzyka has revealed to VG247 that Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network DLC will be available for the PS3 version in a "full way." While he didn't get too specific, he indicated that "a lot," if not all of the post-release content that's been released for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game will be integrated into the initial PS3 release. Additionally, the PS3 port will feature some form of an "introduction experience that provides the backstory and the things that have happened" in the first game (which is not available on PS3).

"We haven't revealed what that is yet," Muzyka said of the introduction for first-time Mass Effect players. "It'll be something that provides a good introduction and provides a lot of the backstory and introduces you well to the story-arc, and kind of makes you feel like you're part of it all. And then you can jump right into the action in Mass Effect 2."

Muzyka also touched on the possibility of Mass Effect 3 launching simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, teasing, "That'd be a good guess, but we haven't announced any details on any future formats or anything -- or even formally announced Mass Effect 3 yet." Of course, BioWare "wants to support different platforms, reach different audiences," Muzyka added, "we're part of EA and we want to make sure we can embrace that as well. I think we're trying to do that with all of our products, whether it's Dragon Age or Mass Effect."

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