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Suda 51 announces 'Sine Mora' for XBLA, PSN


Suda 51 just announced Sine Mora for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade this evening at Gamescom. The horizontal space shmup is being co-developed through a new partnership between Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. Grasshopper will provide art direction, music and sound. Digital Reality, perhaps best known as the developer of the Imperium Galactica games, will be publishing the title. The partnership between the two companies will also include "a range of [other] titles," though no information about further releases was forthcoming.

Sine Mora is scheduled for a worldwide Q3 2011 release and will support 3D in the PSN version. The lack of major announcements at this year's convention prompted Suda to joke that "this is going to be the biggest announcement of this Gamescom."

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