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T-Mobile offering Vibrant for $99, if you're quick about it (update: one cent at Amazon)

Chris Ziegler

If the Vibrant's $200 price tag on contract was the only thing keeping you planted on the fence, you might want to head over to T-Mobile's interwebs right this second seeing how they're offering a one-day special -- $99, online only -- which makes it $100 cheaper than AT&T's Captivate and $150 less than Sprint's Epic 4G. Any way you slice it, that's a killer carrier-direct price for a high-end Android phone with a 1GHz core and one of the best phone displays we've ever seen... and remember, it includes Avatar, which means you're getting this for the price of a few Avatar Blu-rays. Yeah, that's the way to look at it.

Update: Don't want to drop even a single Benjamin on T-Mobile's foremost Android? How's a penny sound? We're seeing the Vibrant for $0.01 (and two years of your life) right now at Amazon.

[Thanks, Aaron and Kevin L.]

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