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Wikileaks to be hosted by Swedish Pirate Party, apparently Angelfire wasn't really working out


You know, we can't get enough of that Swedish Pirate Party. Not only is it fighting tirelessly for freedom, truth, and government transparency, but it just happens to have the most bad-ass name of any political party that we know. And now, deputy party leader Anna Troberg has announced that it's agreed to host WikiLeaks' servers from an undisclosed location, somewhere in the country. This isn't the first time the organization has stepped in to aid a beleaguered website -- you might recall how it announced that it would provide bandwidth for the Pirate Bay way back in May. For the time being, it looks like Julian Assange and co. (or at least their data) has found a safe haven, although it remains to be seen just how tolerant Sweden will be of the whistleblowers. Good luck, kids!

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