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EA a notable holdout on Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7, doesn't have much to say on the subject


If you examined the fairly impressive roster of Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live launch titles that Microsoft waved proudly in our face the other day, you might've noticed that EA is particularly absent from that glorious list. Well, the folks at Mobile Entertainment bothered to ask EA Mobile about that absence, and EA had this terse reply: "We are constantly evaluating new platforms and opportunities, but have nothing to announce right now." Pretty eye opening, right? In absence of facts, there are all sorts of avenues for conjecture. EA could be holding out for a better carrot from Microsoft, checking to see how successful the platform will actually be, or just playing its titles close to its chest. Or maybe they're just resting after a long round of Madden testing and binge potato chip eating. We're not going to get all worked up about it right now: it's not like we're short on platforms right now suited to shepherding the hapless lives of our Sims.

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