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Foxconn hiring and relocating 400,000 workers


The recent issues at Foxconn haven't actually slowed the company down, apparently -- it has announced that it will be hiring 400,000 more workers at new plants in China, thanks to a 50 percent increase in revenue lately. The total number of people working at Foxconn will be estimated at 1.3 million. Just for comparison's sake, GM employed about 244,500 last year. Foxconn is moving almost that many workers out of its Shenzhen plant -- 170,000 of those workers will be sent to plants closer to their homes.

It's crazy to think what the company must be like -- not only are they handling ungodly amounts of people making ungodly amounts of electronic devices, but they're doing it mostly for American companies like Apple, Dell, HP, and so on. This is the giant machine that's pushing out all of those iPhones and Macs that Apple is breaking sales records with. Hopefully the new plants and relocations will help all of the issues that employees there have had in the past.

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