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MAG's Escalation 3-way battles revealed

Jef Reahard

OK, we should get this out of the way up front, because it comes up every time we cover MAG: yes, it is an MMO. Massively? Well, 256-player battles are about ten times larger than those your average MMO can handle without lagging to hell and back. Multiplayer? Covered that. Online? Duh.

Moving right along, Zipper Interactive's Jeremy Dunham has posted a new entry on the official MAG blog detailing the upcoming Escalation mode. The new game-type, which will be deployed as downloadable content in the near future, is a 96-man three-faction battle royale, the ultimate goal of which is to earn more points than your enemies before time expires. Points are earned by holding objectives, but unlike your standard "run to the flag and stand there for 20 seconds" capture model common to objective-based FPS titles, Escalation features a phased approach that encourages continuous frenetic combat.

You can get your first taste of the new mode by downloading the MAG beta client from the Playstation store on August 24th.

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