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Nokia C7 given a full video preview -- still not announced


And now the cycle is complete. What started as a single mention on a leaked slide has slowly evolved into a full-blown video preview of Nokia's unannounced C7 handset. The cats at the Chinese site took the time to fuss over the Symbian^3 candybar's stereo speakers, 3.5-inch multitouch display, support for Flash banner ads (presumably via Flash Lite 4.0 like the flagship N8), and the ability to charge off Micro USB or Nokia 2-mm connectors (also like the N8). It's also demonstrated to easily handle a 720p H.264 video file at 2.7Mbps. Without giving reason as to why, the handler speculates that we might see the C7 launch before Nokia's own N8 finally makes it to retail. Click on through to see a fairly extensive preview replete with a soothing Chinese narration.

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