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Official Star Wars shop selling R2-D2 case for iPhone


As a big Star Wars fan, I followed all of the news out of the Star Wars Celebration event last weekend, but this might be my favorite. The official online Star Wars shop has begun selling its very own iPhone case, which as you can see above, will dress up your favorite smartphone as a not-quite-as-round version of R2-D2. I love it! We still don't have an official all-white iPhone, but this case will not only give your iPhone a white outline, it'll add a few droid ports and vents as well.

Unfortunately, it's only for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, so it probably won't fit around your new iPhone 4 quite as well. And it's only on preorder for some reason -- you can put down US$30 right now, and it will be shipped out to you in October. It's weird that they're taking preorders for a case for an old phone, but maybe they figure that there are more of the older models still around. At any rate, if you're a Star Wars fan with an un-cased 3G or 3GS, then this case is probably your only hope.

[via Macworld]

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