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Sony phasing out 120GB and 250GB PS3 SKUs, the latter now going for $299 at Fry's

Darren Murph

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From a supply chain management standpoint, this all makes sense -- why have four separate PS3 SKUs with various HDD sizes when just a pair will do? After announcing last week that a 160GB and 320GB PS3 Slim would be making landfall in the US and Europe, it seems as if Sony has decided to phase out the existing 120GB and 250GB flavors. There's no definitive word on when production on those will stop (we're surmising that the stop order has already been placed), but it looks as if some retailers are already starting up fire sales on the now-old models. For those curious, that's a Fry's installation pictured above, which is selling their leftover 250GB units for just $299, or the same price as the incoming 160GB unit. Decisions, decisions...

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