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Surprise! Atlus's 'Catherine' is really bizarre [update: now with trailer]


If you thought you knew what to expect from Catherine, the HD debut from Atlus's Persona team, you were probably wrong. The first screenshots of the action-adventure game for grown-ups are equal parts cheesecake and nightmare.

Main character Vincent is first seen dining with the beautiful Catherine, and then, um, walking around some kind of labyrinth in his underwear, gradually turning into a sheep. He is told he has to endlessly climb the stairs of this nightmare world in order to avoid death. Famitsu indicates that the "action" in this action-adventure takes place in this nightmare world. We expect to see those sheep creatures in our own nightmares soon enough.

Update: Famitsu posted a trailer for the game, which you can see after the break. It's NSFW-ish! And, again, strange.

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