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Tales of Pirates ready to begin move to Tales of Pirates II

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The Great Migration has begun! Tales of Pirates II entered beta way back in May, and after just over three months of what IGG referred to as "stressful" testing, the team is ready to get the process underway. Tales of Pirates -- yes, the whole thing -- is going to be moved over to Tales of Pirates II.

This complete data move will begin in early September, and players won't have to worry about anything being lost. All items, friends lists, points, Crystals and Credits will make it to the new client intact. Once the process is complete, the Tales of Pirates servers will be shut down, and players will need to download the ToP II client to continue playing.

Tales of Pirates II will bring plenty of new updates and content to the game, so check out the site to see what's in store!

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