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TUAW's Daily App: NFL 2011


Madden is usually the word in football video games around this time of year, but just in case you don't want to spend that $8, Gameloft has a deal for you. Even before the season starts, it's dropped the price on NFL 2011 to just 99 cents. The Gameloft version doesn't quite have as much polish or flair as the EA game, but it's more than serviceable as a football game, and it includes all of your favorite NFL brands and players. If you just want to throw the pigskin around and see if your team can grab a few touchdowns or hold the line, Gameloft's version is great.

If you're a real football junkie, Madden's version is probably worth the extra scratch; in addition to that aforementioned polish, it's got a full management game, and Gameloft's game has you sticking with whatever team they give you. Additionally, Madden's got a playoff mode and a nice community behind it, and obviously, since Gameloft's dropping the price, they're basically declaring a surrender to the bigger EA title.

That's fine, though. The cheapskates among us who don't mind a pared-down pigskin experience still win. You can grab NFL 2011 for just a buck "for a limited time."

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