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Heroes on the Move trailer and details surface at Gamescom

Details on Sony and Nihilistic's motion-sensitive meeting of the mascot minds, Heroes on the Move, have been scarce since the game was first announced at E3. Gamescom filled in some of the missing pieces: Players will be able to choose between Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper, Bentley, Jak and Daxter, who will then be able to engage in various challenges across each character's native environs, such as Metropolis, Paris and Haven City.

PlayStation.Blog revealed what some of these challenges might entail, such as "City of Fights," which sees Sly collecting orbs across Paris while fending off enemies from all three universes, or "Fistful of Crystals," which tasks Clank with blasting his way through Haven City in a light gun-esque fashion. Check out some new footage in the trailer posted just past the jump, and ponder what might happen should two Heroes from different universes come into physical contact with one another. (Our money is on the end of all existence.)

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