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No Comment: Apple Germany says nein to eiPott


How do you say "completely unsurprised" auf Deutsch[1]? Berlin-based blog BZiPhone reports that the German-made eiPott has been delivered the death blow, courtesy of Apple Germany (translation). The computer and phone maker has gotten a restraining order against the Erbach-based koziol, maker of cute housewares for the stylish home.

The lawsuit, which was presented in what Google Language assures me is the "Hanseatic Higher Regional Court," means that koziol will no longer be able to use the eiPott name to sell their plastic egg holder. Apparently the item could have been confused with another product. Shocking. The iPod-inspired package will also need to be redesigned.

Sure, the wee little egg dish is imitative. Without doubt, the item is an iPod homage. And yet, is there really any chance that a purchaser would confuse the items or otherwise impinge on Apple's sales?

We're not talking rocket science. You stick an egg in it -- not earphones.

koziol will have to change the name and packaging of the eiPott or face substantial fines. To that, we say: No Comment.

[1] "uberhaupt nicht überrascht" is, roughly, German for "completely unsurprised."

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