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Phasma the terrifyingly adorable, six-legged insectoid bot


Is it possible for something to scamper into our heart and our nightmares simultaneously? Phasma is making a bid for that distinction. The hexapedal running robot, built by Takram Design Engineering, is based on Stanford's cockroach-inspired iSprawl, and is built to look all cold and mechanical at rest, but to move very much like an insect, churning those springy six legs in a tripod gait. At first we were terrified by the motion, depicted on video after the break, but the more we watch it the more we're struck by how eager and exuberant it looks. Eager and exuberant to dwell inside our hollowed out carcass during the end of days? May we never find out. The robot is currently on exhibition at the Science Museum in Tokyo, if you care for a look.

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