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Super Street Fighter 4 arcade release will have new characters


Assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano is hinting at the inclusion of at least one new character in the arcade release of Super Street Fighter IV. Well, we say "hinting," but these hints are delivered with all the subtlety of a Sonic Boom. In a post on the official development blog, Ayano points to a picture with the words "Here Comes New Challengers?!" and shares a screenshot from the arcade game, with an extra, mysterious character slot. Ayano said, "It looks like the arcade Super Street Fighter IV won't be ending with just a 100% port!!!"

If this were 1993, we'd be totally bummed, because an updated arcade Street Fighter game would have meant our home version was now obsolete, and we could look forward to spending another $70 on a cartridge in six months. These days, though, there's the possibility of DLC, so we'll save our dejection until we need it.

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