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Bell HTC Legend prematurely put out to pasture due to AMOLED supply constraints?

Tim Stevens

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It's a sad day for fans of Android, brushed aluminum exteriors, and retina-searing AMOLED displays. Bell's HTC Legend seems to have come to the end of its days, the provider moving the phone to "end of life" status due to "ongoing supply constraints from the manufacturer." Phandroid speculates this is due to AMOLED shortages slowing down HTC manufacturing, and that certainly seems like a reasonable conclusion. We also checked out some other suppliers of the phone and they too are not listing it in stock, so this could be a rather abrupt end of the road for one of the best looking, though not necessarily best performing, Android handsets.

Update: David D. wrote in to point out this Forbes article pointing out that chip shortages could also be at least partly to blame here.

[Thanks, Tati]

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