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Android's new app licensing scheme apparently easy to break

Chris Ziegler

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Remember that new licensing service for third-party developers that Google started advertising last month? A new exposé on Android Police claims that it's actually pretty easy to get around -- easy enough so that the crack could probably be packaged into some sort of automated script that breaks protected apps en masse for distribution through pirate-friendly channels. Though that's obviously bad news for developers, it's just as bad for consumers on Android devices who've customarily had less support from top-tier software brands and game studios than Apple's App Store has -- not to say iPhone apps are uncrackable, of course, but considering how difficult it's been in the past to turn a profit in the Android Market, every little bit helps. Let's hope a renewed focus on gaming in Gingerbread helps the situation, eh? Follow the break for Android Police's demo of the crack in action.

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