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Apple rumor roundup: iTV, next-generation iPod touch


It's a new week, and with that comes a new batch of Apple rumors. This time we've got more hints about the forthcoming Apple TV (or is it "iTV") and what could be a new iPod touch screen.

First, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose has been chatting up the new Apple TV. According to Rose, it will be launched in September and "change everything." He says that we can expect iOS apps, a la carte offerings from the major networks (goodbye, cable bill) and MobileMe picture and video sharing.

The whole thing will interact with a remote control app on other iOS devices. He's pretty much in keeping with Engadget's report. We're starting to feel quite secure that the future Apple TV will run iOS apps.

In other news, M.I.C Gadget has posted pictures of what it claims to be the front LCD and bezel for the 4th generation iPod touch. Labeled "Apple (c) 2010", the part bears a small hole near the top bezel that could conceivably allow a front-facing camera to peek through. It looks like the real deal to us. A front-facing camera on the iPod touch wouldn't be a surprise at this point.

There's your Apple rumor round up for Monday. More to come.

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