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HTC EVO 4G suffering occasional micro-USB port issues?

Chris Ziegler

A quick glance of forums about the interwebs suggests that the EVO 4G has another potential defect that seems to be affecting a notable (though probably still very, very small) number of devices: problems with the micro-USB port, an issue that bit Nokia not long ago on the N900. The main symptom here seems to be that the phone will no longer charge or charges intermittently -- and considering that your phone amounts to little more than a paperweight if it's not properly juiced, we'd say it's a big issue for affected folks. People returning their devices to Sprint have apparently have mixed luck getting reps to agree that the phone should be replaced, but for what it's worth, we've just heard back from an HTC spokesperson who -- in addition to emphasizing that the number of affected units seems to be small -- says that the problem will be covered under the one-year warranty as long as "it is determined that the issue was not caused by customer misuse." Anyone out there seeing this?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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