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Play with the devs: Storm the dungeons and firefights of Global Agenda with Hi-Rez Studios


You asked for it, and we're doing it -- we're going back to Global Agenda! But this time we're not going into the game by ourselves. No, no, we're bringing out the big guns this time. We're bringing the creators, Hi-Rez Studios, along for the ride!

So come join us this Wednesday, August 25th, at 7:00 p.m. EDT, to run some missions with some of the developers from Hi-Rez! All you need is a copy of Global Agenda (which can be grabbed from Steam) and a membership in our Steam Community, the Massively Mob (which is as cheap as free).

Don't have a copy of the game, but still want to participate? Well lucky for you, as the game's free trial program just came back online! Why not give the game a whirl as you play alongside the creators?

More information on our in-game meeting place and how we'll set things up will be available Wednesday morning here on Massively. Just keep an eye on our Steam Community, or Twitter page, or our front page for the full details!

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