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Samsung Craft LTE phone spied enroute to MetroPCS?

Chris Ziegler

These shots actually surfaced a few days ago buried in the depths of HowardForums, but given what we know of Samsung's R900 Craft thus far -- particularly the fact that it'll be a non-smartphone -- we have no reason to doubt that we're looking at a prototype of it here. What makes the Craft most notable is that it's slated to be MetroPCS' first LTE-capable handset (and one of the first LTE handsets anywhere in the world) for its shiny new 4G network, and it looks like we can expect full sliding QWERTY along with the typical TouchWiz UI elements. We'd like to hate on this thing for not running Android or Windows Phone 7, but hey -- it's almost certainly going to be the first LTE phone to hit these shores, so we're willing to cut it just an ounce of slack this once. The carrier's first LTE markets are lighting up later this year, so we expect to see this with a whole lot less Blurrycam before too long.

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