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Amateur Copenhagen Suborbitals team about to send a dummy into a space, then a man; what have you done with your life?


The non-profit, volunteer-based and sponsor-supplied Copenhagen Suborbitals are an amateur group of Danish crazies that are about to fire a crash test dummy into space. It's all part of a wild plan to send a human into space on a shoestring budget (in the thousands, not the millions), and it seems to be going pretty well so far. The launch of the "Tycho Brahe" spacecraft (pictured above), which is really as small as it looks and will be towed to sea by a submarine built by one of the team members, is slated to take place on August 30th. A manned launch is still probably a few years off, but this is the first full scale launch for the team, and obviously a huge milestone. We wish the team the best of luck, and will have a bottle of our best bubbly standing by to celebrate.

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