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Facebook iPhone app has 105m users?


Facebook has posted some pretty impressive numbers regarding its mobile users recently, including a developer saying there are more than 150 million active mobile Facebook users. The site itself has more than 500 million members.

- 12 million are using the Android client
- Nearly 59 million are using the Blackberry client
- 105 million are using the iPhone client*
- The rest are using clients built for Palm, T-Mobile's Sidekick and more.

*Note these numbers were pulled at 11:20 a.m. EST and are updated frequently.

Wait a minute ... 105 million? Steve Jobs indicated at WWDC in June that the 100 millionth iOS device (spanning iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) would be sold that month. With the flurry of iPhone 4 sales since then, it's no surprise that there's more than 100 million iOS devices out there in the wild. But are all of them really running Facebook?

You can log into multiple Facebook accounts from a single iOS device, and those probably count. The number provided by Facebook isn't the number of downloads the app has had, but the number of people actually using it. The client itself is still ranked among the top 10 free App Store apps. Even so, a penetration rate hovering somewhere around 90 percent -- if you take into account the number of iOS devices sold since June and the fact that there's not a Facebook app for the iPad -- is a little hard to swallow.

[via Mobile Entertainment]

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