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Kane and Lynch 2 apparently nailed belly chic

Justin McElroy

In my otherwise totally accurate and insightful review of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, I mocked the couture of the game's villains. I might have even said they dressed like my dad, which is wholly unfair to a man at least 50 percent to thank for giving me the precious gift of life.

But according to this L.A. Times story, rolling up shirts and showing off bellies (in an attempt to cool down) is fully a thing in China. In fact, there's even a name for these men of dubious sartorial judgment: bang ye (translation: "exposing grandfathers," no matter how old they might be).

So for that criticism, Kane and Lynch 2, I am sorry. Whether or not you should have preserved this regrettable trend in digital amber is a matter of debate, but at least we now know you weren't made by insane people.

My review score remains unchanged.

[Thanks, joehumanity]

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