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New AWS-equipped HTC in FCC -- is it the T-Mobile G2, the Glacier, or something else?

Chris Ziegler

So we've collected enough circumstantial evidence recently to safely say that T-Mobile's getting at least two potentially ultra-awesome Android phones in the next few months: the G2 (aka Vision, aka Desire Z), and the multi-core Glacier. We don't know which, but we're thinking that one of those bad boys has just garnered FCC approval thanks to a filing today for a model code PC10100 that features support for AWS 3G -- the frequency pair T-Mobile USA uses -- along with 802.11n WiFi. Notably, the filing also points out that HSPA+ is in the cards, which is a feature T-Mobile has been quick to trumpet in its G2 advertising thus far. Given that the G2 seems closer to retail than the Glacier, we'll go ahead and surmise this is almost certainly the G2 here -- but then again, crazier things have happened.

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