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Sharp slowing larger LCD panel production, but Sony to feel the squeeze


Reports have surfaced that Sharp will be lowering the production capacity of its new Sakai LCD panel factory by 20 to 30 percent for the next two months, apparently in response to piling inventory in the US and China as production outpaced demand. Sharp however hasn't verified these claims and dutifully reiterated its expectations to meet sales forecasts for the fiscal year of 2010. If true though, the decision is unlikely to affect production of Sharp's own panels anyway, since they're made at the Kameyama plant in Mie Prefecture, which in contrast to 2008, will supposedly maintain its current production rates. Instead, other TV manufacturers like Sony will experience the pinch, as a result of billion dollar joint venture deal inked last year, which moved production of their 40-inch and above panels to the Sakai facility in question. Philosophically though, if a few less Bravia panels roll off the production line, and no recession-burdened consumer is around to mourn them, would we even care?

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