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Ten One Design sponsoring Pogo Sketch iPad art challenge


Last summer, Ten One Design sponsored a contest for artists who were using the Pogo Stylus with drawing or painting apps on the iPhone. The contest was quite popular, and some of the entries were astoundingly good.

Well, things change, and now the canvas of choice is the iPad. Today, Ten One Design announced the 2010 Capacitive Canvas Challenge, also known as the 2nd Annual Pogo Art Contest. Grab an iPad, a Pogo Sketch, and your favorite drawing app, work up some beautiful art, and then post it to the contest site before 11:59 PM EST on October 29th. If you're picked as the Grand Prize Winner, you'll get a booq Boa squeeze laptop bag filled with $1000 worth of goodies (including $300 cash, a Twelve South Compass iPad stand, and the lovely DODOcase).

There will be four secondary winners as well, who will receive some goodies from Ten One Design, an iTunes Gift Card, and an iPad stand or case. You have to be at least 15 years old to enter, and you must use the Pogo Sketch for your iPad artwork. Finger painting is not allowed. The winners will be selected on the basis of Artistic Skill, Creativity / Originality, Realism, and Judge's Choice, and you'll see the works of the winners on November 5th on the Ten One website. Good luck to all who enter! Maybe we'll see the work of some creative TUAW readers up there in November.

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