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    App review: 720tube


    Apple loves to tout the HD video recording and editing capabilities of its new iPhone 4. Shoot.Edit.Share, says the slogan. Unfortunately, something nasty happens between the shooting and YouTube sharing: compression. Apple squashes your magical 720p memory into a rather glum looking 360p video just as soon as you select "Send to YouTube." And there's no easy way around it. That is, until we stumbled upon a little app called 720tube from Drakfyre's Software.

    Drakfyre's Software
    • 720p HD video uploads over 3G or WiFiEasy to useFree!
    • UI could use a polish

    It's simplistic in its design but works exactly as advertised. Once you've shot or exported your video from iMovie, simply launch 720tube, login to your YouTube account (credentials can be saved) and select the video from the iPhone camera roll. Then add a title, description, tags, and category, and off she goes into the unbridled ether. You can even make the video private if you're not quite ready to come out as a true Justin Beleiber. Seriously though, the 720tube app is dead simple and has been rock solid during our testing, even over 3G connections -- it's exactly what we've been waiting for.

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